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And God Created Woman (1956) - Color - 90 min

An God Created Woman features a young 22 year old actress named Brigitte Bardot, who had a smoldering passion and sexuality that virtually defined the genre of Teaser films. Bardot plays a young orphan who like to sun tan naked - so she has to marry someone, otherwise she will be shipped back to the orphanage. Ok - who really needs a plot. Also of interest - Director Roger Vadim was married to Bardot during this film, which made Bardot a huge star. Later, he went on to marry Jane Fonda, and directed the cult classic - Barberella, a comic strip adaptation of the space travelling vixen. He also has a love child, Christian Vadim, with French actress, Catherine Deneuve.

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And God Created Woman
Directed by - Roger Vadim

(1956) - Color - 90 min
This film was made in 1956 as Et Dieu... cr?a la femme, and dubbed into English in 1957 - released as And God Created Woman. Shot in sunny St. Tropez - the film remains a classic of sultry cinema as Bardot is just plain steamy.

Part one
Intro, Color, title screens, credits, etc. Director Roger Vadim introduces a hot young star, his wife - Brigitte Bardot. Her sultry pout and super hot sexuality do very well at the box office. She plays Juliete Hardy... an orphan who has a bad reputation because she like to sunbathe in the nude.

Juliete (Brigitte Bardot) shares an embrace with her lover

Antoine, the older brother who snakes his brother's wife

Part two
And now the lady from the orphanage threatens to send her back to the orphanage, because of her bad reputation... but Michael has other ideas. If he marries her - she can stay.

Brigitte Bardot as Juliete get married to Michel, but really likes his older brother, Antoine

Part three
The trouble is - Bardot as Juliete likes Michael's older brother better. She does her best to stay faithful - but is bound to fall.

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And God Created Woman
Directed by - Roger Vadim

Starring - Brigitte Bardot as Juliete Hardy, Curd Jurgens as Eric Carradine, Jean-Louis Trintignant as Michel Tardieu, Christian Marquand as Antoine Tardieu, Mary Glory as Madamoiselle Tardieu (the brothers' mom)

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A star is born, a smoldering 22 year old Brigitte Bardot stars as Juliete Hardy

Part four
So what's going to happen - when Michael finds out about his broher and his wife... just another day in the sweltering beaches of St. Tropez with Brigitte Bardot.

The bad guy Eric Carradine, who wants to buy the Tardieu dock in order to build a casino in St. Tropez

Bardot hanging out with the mean businessman who wants to build a casino

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Michael Tardieu, the naive younger brother who wants to marry Juliete (Brigitte Bardot).

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