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Get Christie Love (1974) - Color - 72 min

Get Christie Love - a 1970s funky action drama about a kick butt police woman, played by Teresa Graves is a classic, and has a spot in the history of movies. The movie morphed into a short-lived TV series of the same name and Teresa Graves was the first black woman on TV to star in an hour long show. By today's hypercritical PC insanity - this movie could be viewed as racist. There are some stereotyping incidents and other things that will make you roll your eyes - and yes - they use the N word. At the same time - Christie Love is a heroine - and a tough, karate kicking Mamma Jamma. The TV show played opposite another classic female cop drama - Police Woman, starring Angie Dickinson. Lots of channel flipping times, yes they were.

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Get Christie Love
Directed by - Phil Bondelli, Ivan Dixon

(1974) - Color - 72 min
The film is at the top of a period in film history called Blaxploitation - films that portrayed the Black culture in an over the top fashion, and the heros of the movie are often skilled in martial arts, and usually overcome their troubles with a karate chop but often, by thinking straight too. Also of note, Teresa Graves was a pop star of sorts, playing with the band called The Doodletown Pipers.

Part one
Intro, Color, title screens, credits etc. Christie Love, a tough urban cop with a round house kick - goes after a pervert who is killing woman in the park. Christie uses herself as bait.... a great scene follows. Then Christie goes after the heroin kingpin, Enzo Cortino by befriending his girlfriend Helena Varga. The search begins for the ledger - the purloined little black book with all the drug dealing details.

starring Teresa as Christie Love, super cool police woman with an attitude of mondo hipness

Louise Sorel as Helena Varga, who keeps the drug kingpin's books in her head. This film is a musuem of 1970s fashion statements - long before Austin Powers, baby!

Part two
Christie visits some people who once employed Helena to learn about her background. Of course she is confused with someone seeking employment as a domestic when she arrives and is offered some grass by the young teenage daughter. hilarious scene. We learn that she had an abortion - or did she?

Packed with vintage autos - including this killer convertible VW bug - which gets cracked up in the movie... BAM!

Part three
More detective learning about Helena and her baby. It turns out she had the baby. The plot thickens with some fun twists and turns along the way - as well as Christie shooting it out as a primo pistol packing mama. Bonus - a car crash with a VW bug.

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Get Christie Love
Directed by - Phil Bondelli, Ivan Dixon

Starring - Teresa Graves as Christie Love, Harry Guardino as Captain Casey Reardon, Paul Stevens as Enzo Cortino, Louise Sorel as Helena Varga, Tracy Roberts as Gwen Fenley, Debbie Dozier as Amy, Andy Romano as Sergeant Seymour Greenberg, Lee Paul as Max Loomis, Lynne Holmes as Celia Jackson,

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Christie Love doing some telephone sleuthing - just another day for this super cop

Part four
So what's going to happen - will the drugs hit the streets? Will Christie get the drug kingpin? Or will she get tossed out a window? Will Helena become Christie's best friend? and what about the kid? Enjoy a nice Krispy Kreme donut and watch the gripping conclusion to - Get Christie Love

Paul Stevens as Enzo Cortino - the drug kingpin - polluting the urban streets of the good old USA with top grade heroin. Think Pablo Escobar ... circa 1974

Harry Guardino as Captain Casey Reardon - back in the day when cops never buttoned the top button and wore fat ties.

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Two cops sharing a tender moment before the required donut break

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