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One Step Beyond - Aerialist (1959) - B&W - 23 min

This is another terrific episode of One Step Beyond, a cool Sci-Fi TV show from the late 50s, early 60s... that inspired a few other cool sci-fi tv shows like The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. The Aerialist features Mike Connors, best known for his work as TV detective Joe Mannix, as Mario Patruzzio, the son of an Italian circus family skilled in the art of the flying trapeze. Mario has an argument with his father before the show about his wife, who is acting like a bimbo from the father's perspective. Mario, who is responsible for catching his Dad during the show... says well maybe I won't catch you tonight, pops. Guess what happens? Dad lays paralyzed in the hospital... and Mario contemplates suicide... and then in a bizarre episode of bi-location.... his dad (Gino Patruzzio played by Robert Carricart) saves his son with a daring catch ..... miles away in his hospital bed, still not able to move a muscle. Search for bi-location to view another One Step episode that examines the mysterious happening in the psychic world of the unexplained. John Newland is our delightful host.

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One Step Beyond - Aerialist
Directed by - John Newland

(1959) - B&W - 23 min
Some shows deal with ESP, telepaths and other psycho stuff. If it's weird and you can't explain it - it's here. Best of all - all the stories are true ...or so they say!

Part one

The Flying Patruzzios - Gino, Paul and Carlotta

Yvette Vickers as Carlotta Patruzzio, Mario's wife. Her father-in-law Gino thinks she's a no good bimbo flirt who is disgracing the family name.

Part two

Frank Random... LikeTelevision's graphics maestro is no doubt enjoying himself as he colorizes this episode... wondering if the Patruzzio's look - Pretty in Pink. Hmmmm looks like Mike Connors has his bulge in the wrong place... but this was before the abdominizer... so let's cut him some slack, ok?

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One Step Beyond - Aerialist
Directed by - John Newland

Starring - Mike Connors (Mario Patruzzio), Yvette Vickers (Carlotta Patruzzio), Robert Carricart (Gino Patruzzio), Ruggero Romor (Paul Patruzzio), Penny Santon (Mama Patruzzio), and Charles Watts (C.C. Higgins)... no relation to the Rolling Stones drummer, Charlie Watts as far as I know.

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The Patruzzios get ready to perform

Mike Connors - pre Joe Mannix days, as Gino's butterfingers son Mario.

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