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Samurai Three - Duel at Ganryu Island (1956) - Color - 114 min

The incredible Samurai trilogy from Hiroshi Inagaki continues - with part three... Duel At Ganryu Island. This epic drama of Japan's legendary samurai warrior Miyamoto Musashi, played by Toshir? Mifune. We suggest you watch Samurai Part I and Samurai Part II before viewing the third movie in this epic masterpiece of understated elegance.

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Samurai Three - Duel at Ganryu Island
Directed by - Hiroshi Inagaki

(1956) - Color - 114 min
In the final chapter - Toshir? Mifune will face the the ever ambitous young Samurai master swordsman - Kojiro Sasaki (played by Koji Tsuruta) who has challenged Musashi to a duel - a duel between the hero Musashi, and a young kid, blessed with skill who wants to prove he's the best.

Part one
Intro, Color, title screens, credits, etc. Samurai part 3 picks up where we left Musashi in part two. (go see part one first, then part two as this movie will be infinitely more wonderful). Part three - Duel at Ganryu Island features a great fight scene as Musashi battles a young samurai who has very skilled.

Toshir? Mifune as Musashi Miyamoto

The kid sidekick

Part two
We get more background info on the 2 great samurai warriors - Musashi, once an ambitious young man who longed to be a great samurai and Kojiro Sasaki the young ambitious man with great talent but none of the wisdom that comes with age.

Kaoru Yachigusa as Otsu

Part three
The plot thickens and intertwines as Akemi hooks up with Kojiro Sasaki, even though she still loves Musashi. Meanwhile - Musashi longs for one woman alone, Otsu.

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Samurai Three - Duel at Ganryu Island
Directed by - Hiroshi Inagaki

Starring - Toshir? Mifune as Takezo (Musashi Miyamoto), Koji Tsuruta as Kojiro Sasaki, Kaoru Yachigusa as Otsu, Mariko Okada as Akemi, Kichijiro Ueda as Priest Ogon, Michiko Saga as Otmitsu, Daisuke Kat? as Toji Gion, Takamaru Sasaki as Otmitsu's father, Haruo Tanaka as Kumagoro the horse thief.

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Koji Tsuruta as Kojiro Sasaki

Part four
Musashi tries to protect the little village of farmers... and Akemi and Otsu are at each's throats. The final duel is coming.

Mariko Okada as Akemi

Part five
The final showdown between two of the greatest samurai. Lots of head games... check out the conclusion.

You don't tug on Superman's cape.... and you don't mess around w/ Moosh

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