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Betty Boop - Ker Choo (1933) - B&W - 6 min

Attention all you fans of NASCAR, Betty Boop is a race car driver who shows up for the big race, even though she has a case of the sniffles. Betty shines in her performance of - I Got a Cold in My Nose. And in the end, she speeds past everyone like Dale Earnhardt, complete with a big crack-up at the finish line.

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Betty Boop - Ker Choo
Directed by - Dave Fleischer

(1933) - B&W - 6 min
This Betty Boop cartoon short was released on January 6, 1933 for theatrical release.

Betty Boop assisted by Bimbo and Koko.

Betty takes a break from racing to sing a number.

Our judges for the day's race are...

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Betty Boop - Ker Choo
Directed by - Dave Fleischer

Starring - Betty Boop, Koko the clown, and Bimbo, Betty's dog.

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The old drive over the car trick. Totally illegal move.

Good thing Betty Boop found her hankerchief in time. Ker-Choo!

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