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Freddy the Freshman (1932) - B&W - 7 min

Freddy the Freshman is one of my favorites. This Hugh Harman-Rudolf Ising Production features one of the best musical scores (by Frank Marsales) of toon history. Freddy the Freshman... is off to college, ready to be the big man on campus - Rah!. And what a song - Freddy the Freshman...the Freshest Kid in Town... - will get you whistling for days. You have been warned.

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Freddy the Freshman
Directed by - Rudolf Ising

(1932) - B&W - 7 min
This Hugh Harman-Rudolf Ising Production of Freddy the Freshman was debuted on February 20, 1932 for theatrical release.

Freddy the Freshman introduces himself

The dog is working the microphone and the crowd

There's a party going on round here... a celebration...

Freddy the Freshman Message Board

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Freddy the Freshman
Directed by - Rudolf Ising

Starring - Freddy the Freshman, Animated by Isadore Fritz Freleng and Paul J. Smith

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