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Dinky Duck - Orphan Duck, The (1939) - Color - 7 min

Dinky the Duck, who is also a black duck... looks for a home in the hen house. But the rooster isn't happy - and gets mad at the hen, wondering who the father might be..... till Dinky saves the day, and rescues a flounding little brother chick using all his energy and duck swimming prowess.

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Dinky Duck - Orphan Duck, The
Directed by - Connie Rasinski

(1939) - Color - 7 min
This Paul Terry produced cartoon was originally released for theatrical performance on Oct. 6, 1939.

Dinky confers with Snowball from Animal farm - just kidding.

Hmmmm... that boy sure don't look like me.

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Dinky Duck - Orphan Duck, The
Directed by - Connie Rasinski

Starring - Dinky Duck, Rooster, Hen #1, Hen #2, Chicks

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The rooster examines a batch of eggs

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