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Popeye - Little Swee' Pea (1936) - B&W - 7 min

From 1936 - on of Popeye's best... it's Little Swee' Pea. Olive asks Popeye to watch baby Swee' Pea, so Popeye takes him to the zoo for entertainment. When the baby runs off into the animal cages, Popeye will need some spinach to save the day.

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Popeye - Little Swee' Pea
Directed by - Dave Fleischer

(1936) - B&W - 7 min
This Fleischer Studios Production (Max Fleischer and Dave Fleischer) of Popeye in Little Swee' Pea premiered in September 25th of 1936 in a theater near you.

Popeye flexes his muscles

Popeye shows Swee'Pea a little toy - that terrorizes the poor child, no doubt leaving hellish scars on the young lad's psyche for years to come.

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Popeye - Little Swee' Pea
Directed by - Dave Fleischer

Starring - Popeye, Olive Oyl, Swee'Pea, Hippo, Elephant, Lion, assorted zoo animals

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Popeye takes baby Swee'pea for a stroll

Swee'Pea hanging out in the Hippo's mouth

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