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Kwaidan - Black Hair (1964) - Color - 33 min

Kwaidan is a spooky classic from Japan. The 1964 film offers four short horror stories. In the first story -Black Hair, a struggling Samurai leaves his wife to marry a rich man's daughter. Years later, disappointed and dejected - he returns to his wife to make amends. What a reunion!

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Kwaidan - Black Hair
Directed by - Masaki Kobayashi

(1964) - Color - 33 min
Part of what makes this film so special is the combination of wonderful cinematography - and a remarkable set design schema. The colors in this film are so hot - they might blow your monitor. Cannes Film Fesival winner in 1965 -Jury Special Prize, Nominated for an Oscar in 1966 for Best Foreign Language Film -Japan.

Part one
Intro, Color, title screens, credits, etc. Director Masaki Kobayashi provides you with a feast for your eyes and senses. The first story - is called Black Hair about an ambitious man who leaves his poor wife for a rich one.

The many faces of the Samurai husband

Very cool cinematogrphy

Part two
Wait till you see what happens when he gets back with his first wife.

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Kwaidan - Black Hair
Directed by - Masaki Kobayashi

Starring - Rentaro Mikuni as the Samurai husband Michiyo Aratama as his first wife, Misako Watanabe as his second wife

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The first wife (top) and the second wife who has money

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