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Kwaidan - In A Cup of Tea (1964) - Color - 32 min

Kwaidan is a spooky classic from Japan. The 1964 film offers four short horror stories. This page features the fourth and final story of the movie and is called A Cup of Tea. A man pours himself a cup, and sees a man's reflection in the water smiling back at him. He dumps it out several times, but eventually drinks it all up. Hmmm... not a good idea, as it seems he may have quaffed the man's soul in the process.

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Kwaidan - In A Cup of Tea
Directed by - Masaki Kobayashi

(1964) - Color - 32 min
Part of what makes this film so special is the combination of wonderful cinematography - and a remarkable set design schema. The colors in this film are so hot - they might blow your monitor. Cannes Film Fesival winner in 1965 -Jury Special Prize, Nominated for an Oscar in 1966 for Best Foreign Language Film -Japan.

Part one
Intro, Color, title screens, credits, etc. Director Masaki Kobayashi provides you with a feast for your eyes and senses. The fourth and final story is called In a Cup of Tea, where a guy is horrified to see a man's smiling face looking back at him in a cup. Should he drink it? ooooo I don't think so.

The man's face in the cup

Will he drink the man's soul?

Part two
Watch the conclusion and see what happens. Also - make sure you check out the other stories in Kwaidan, especially Hoichi the Earless, my personal favorite.

Kwaidan - In A Cup of Tea Message Board

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Kwaidan - In A Cup of Tea
Directed by - Masaki Kobayashi

Starring - Kanemon Nakamura as Kannai, Osamu Takizawa as the narrator Seiji Miyaguchi as the old man, Ganjiro Nakamura as the publisher, Noboru Nakaya as Shikibu Heinai, Kei Sato as the Samurai ghost, Haruko Sugimura as Madame

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How 'bout a spot of tea?

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