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Little King in Christmas Up North (1936) - Color - 8 min

Little King, a spinoff from the Classic Betty Boop cartoons is featured in this animation called Christmas Up North - which is a really bizarre toon. Features some lame racial stereotyping with a dancing black face marionette, three guys in a tub, while the queen snores away in her own bed. This one must be seen to be believed... even includes Santa planting Christmas tree seeds before delivering some wild cars and planes, which don't last long because the King and his hobo friends crash them in less than a minute.

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Little King in Christmas Up North
Directed by -

(1936) - Color - 8 min

A sad little king

Santa and the king

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Little King in Christmas Up North
Directed by -

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More great action in the tub

Nice NRA tattoo - no not the rifle association... National Recovery Act.

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