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Cravin' Melon - cool REMIX (1999) - Color - 5 min

Check this out! We already feature this song, but Frank went back in and pulled the original audio tracks from the live performance at LikeTelevision's studio, and tweaked, remixed and synced with the original video performance. I think you will be pleased - man, these guys sound good, and yes, it is still the same live performance, no re-dubs or anything. This is how it really sounded going down. I regret to tell you the band is no more.... (at the time they were signed by Mercury).

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Cravin' Melon - cool REMIX
Directed by -

(1999) - Color - 5 min
Contact Info:
Dick Hodgin, Manager
(919) 828-9847

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Cravin' Melon - cool REMIX
Directed by -

Starring - Cravin' Melon

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