Guests have access to the free video streaming library with commercials that play in an ad supported interface. Just click the watch it links.
Premium Membership
Premium Membership provides access to:

1) LTi's Streaming Library without the ad sponsored interface. Play it full screen, with just a station ID from LikeTelevision as a pre-roll to the content requested. Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons and more!

2) LTi's Video Download Library - containing MPEGs of Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, TV Commercials, and More. Much higher quality media files that you download and keep. Download MPEGs & make your own DVDs, or burn a CD for personal use. More titles each month!

3) LTi's Image Download Library with over 20,000 image files, all sorted by title. The library contains hi-rez targas and PSDs,in addition to the jpegs and thumbnails. Very cool - make your own t-shirts and custom graphics!

Free sample MPG downloads!

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S Y S T E M   R E Q U I R E M E N T S
  • Broadband - You'll need a broadband connection to fully take advantage of LikeTelevision's Video Library. Some examples of a broadband Internet connection include: Cable Modems, DSL, Satellite, T-1 and beyond.

  • Computer Power - Intel Pentium III, AMD Athlon, Apple G4 or better processor. Newer Intel, AMD and Apple G4 computers are optimized for broadband applications. A high speed video card with up-to-date video drivers is also recommended.

  • FREE Real ONE Player - LikeTelevision's Streaming Video Library is encoded for RealPlayer. RealPlayer is available for Windows, Apple, Linux and other UNIX platforms.


If your computer meets the above requirements,
the video will play smoothly without any hesitations.

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