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Reality TV, Life Imitates Art?

Urinal Screen, game at MIT, interactive cakes

Life Imitates Art?
  • 08/2000 As part of LikeTelevision's musical, comedy variety show called Zim Zum, our writers created a comedy bit called The Urinal Screen, poking fun at invasive advertising and the dot com bubble. The CEO of Ass Attackin' aerosol spray becomes the backer of two ambitious entrepreneurs, who have created the urinal screen - which plays the ass attackin' spray commercial on urinal screens across America. Check it out, it is still pretty funny -- Watch The Urinal Screen from Zim Zum, episode #3... This is ART!

  • 05/2003 - Today we learned (thanks to a link from one of our loyal friends that two brilliant young lads from MIT have created an interactive video game called You're in Control, that "uses computation to enhance the act of urination". Giving new meaning to Gee Whiz, Joystick, and Streaming... the interactive game is controlled by directing your stream in a urinal, which controls the game's interactivity, while being displayed on a screen above the urinal. This is REAL! Check it out. !

  • 10/2004 - Interactive Urinal cakes. No kidding - equipped with a motion detector, it turns on when you approach the urinal, and plays an audio message.Cheese Whiz I am not making this up! Check it out. !

  • 12/2005 - Interactive Urinal flash. .Waterless Technology marches on! Hi-Tech Urinals. Created by Skip Intro!

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