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In an effort to make LikeTelevision™ easier to understand, we created the Media Help Desk with lots of information about our service. On this page you'll find lots of tips and ideas to fully exploit the mountain of movies, tv shows, cartoons, news, live music shows and hopefully - have more fun!

Site Overview:
LikeTelevision™ offers a massive gold mine of free videos available as streams (on demand) or as higher quality downloads for Premium Members including movies, tv shows, cartoons, news archives, music videos and much more.
1) Streaming library - Thousands and thousands of 300+kps streams. We offer a mountain of free videos which play in an ad sponsored format. For subscribers, a limited commercial playlist (we include our station ID lead-in and content preview clips) and the ability to play full screen. To view the free videos, just click the Watch It! links. Watch movies, Classic tv, cartoons, or search. More search tips are provided below.
2) Download library - Over 700 higher quality files for subscribers to download. You are allowed to make a personal use only back-up and even use the files to create your own DVD. The MPEG-1 files in the download library are awesome - no digital lockdowns or time contraints. See the terms of use for the full details. FREE SAMPLES
3) Image library - in addition to all the digital video files for streaming or download, LikeTelevision™ offers over 15,000 high quality image files for subscribers. FREE SAMPLES
4) Interactive - LikeTelevision™ provides message boards for users to post questions, offer tips and suggestions, and share information. We also accept submissions from producers, rightsholders, bands and artists. Please email us for further details on submission requirements.

Search Tips: To find videos - just search for a name, phrase, or subject in the search box. We also created a page with some of the most popular search phrases and people. In addition to streams (content available to broadcast on demand), we also offer a massive DOWNLOAD LIBRARY, filled with higher quality MPEG-1 files that you can download to your computer, make a DVD, or play on your television set (see below for more details). To get a current listing of the available download files, click here. To list the current streams available - go to the channels and use the drop down box or just type something in the search box. Our search application works best with short phrases as it is looking for an exact match. You can also search our site using a more fuzzy method via google's AMAZING Engine.
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Behind The Scenes: For your convenience, we created The BLOG - updated virtually each day, with details of new additions to the media library, news, behind the scenes info, cool tips, and other updates. We've been on a roll - read the BLOG and see What's new and What's next.
LATEST COOL ADDITIONS: Big New Benefit - DVD iso files - you can now downloand DVD files, Burn a DVD and watch stuff on the tube. Just search LikeTelevision™ for DVD iso or check the BLOG for the latest details of What's New.

Staff Picks: Marilyn Monroe's Trailer Park.
Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon, Restored and tweaked for download -Battle of Algiers, French Colonialists battle Suicide Terrorists, circa 1960s, Wild Woman of Wongo, newly restored plus a bonus preview, The Flying Nun Meets Kwai Chang Caine and hundreds MORE MPEGs.

Current List -Video Download Library!

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Burn a DVD: Subscribers can easily use our Download library files to create their own DVDs. The image library makes it easy to create slick menus and a professional look. To learn more about how to burn a DVD - click here.

Watch it on TV: There are many ways to watch LikeTelevision™ on the traditional TV set. The best method is based on the new set top boxes that combine a wireless home network with hook-ups to tv sets in multiple rooms. (watch this story from an Intel video press release which features LikeTelevision™ as a killer app). You can also use the MPEG download library to create your own DVDs and play the disks on a traditional DVD player. Or hook up your computer to the tv, using a SVGA card with video outs and the audio outs from your sound card. But like we said - the best way is using the new set top boxes and a wireless network. Watch this video featuring one of our subscribers who shows you how it's done.

Marilyn's Trailer Park!

Our creative department is hard at work preparing some great new content. MPEG-1 downloads, Previews, new titles, and of course - new high resolution pictures in the Image Download Library, containing over 15,000 images!

Free Samples for Guests!

S Y S T E M   R E Q U I R E M E N T S
  • Broadband - You'll want a broadband connection to fully take advantage of LikeTelevision™'s Video Library. Some examples of a broadband Internet connection include: Cable Modems, DSL, Satellite, T-1 and Wireless. Our site will work fine with dial-up connections (28k or 56k), however the downloads will take longer to retrieve, and the quality of the streams will not be as high.

  • Computer Power - Intel Pentium III, AMD Athlon, Apple G4 or better processor. Newer Intel, AMD and Apple G4 computers are optimized for broadband applications. A high speed video card with up-to-date video drivers is also recommended.

  • RealPlayer 8 or Real ONE - Our downloads are MPEG-1 files, playable in RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, or Apple QuickTime. LikeTelevision™'s Streaming Video Library is encoded for RealPlayer. RealPlayer is available for Windows, Apple, Linux and other UNIX platforms.


If your computer meets the above requirements,
the video will play smoothly without any hesitations.