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Why LikeTelevision?

Premium Quality and Service - because we love what we do!

Why LIkeTelevision?
  • QUALITY - Quality control flows naturally from people who enjoy what they are doing. LikeTelevision is a small company made up of people who, due to their dedication to the preservation of cinematic and broadcast history, go to what others may consider insane lengths to make sure that all our properties look and sound far better when they go out than when they came in. -- Cool - Sign me up!

  • A GREAT PRODUCT - Every clip from is going to look and sound great! LikeTelevision is not one of those "napsteresque" peering sites, so prevalent on the internet today, which let their users digitize and upload the files that you pay to download. Each clip at LikeTelevision is derived from the very highest quality analog sources available, digitized using state-of-the-art capture hardware and stored in the digital domain. For most content providers on the internet that would be the end of that, but at LikeTelevision that is just the beginning. The digital file is then transferred to a realtime non-linear editing environment where it undergoes a series of patent-applied-for discrete audio and video processes after which it is reassembled on the timeline and output to our mastering lab for final polishing. What does all this mean? It means you can rest assured that each and every movie, TV show, cartoon, documentary, .... well, every clip at LikeTelevision is going to look and sound great!

  • DOWNLOADS, STREAMS and IMAGES - LikeTelevision offers a massive Streaming Video Library that is constantly growing. We also provide a HUGE download library of many of the best titles, so you can get an even better quality digital video than you could stream. And you can even make a CD, DVD, or VCD back-up for your own personal use. (see terms of use for the full restrictions on use). Not every title is available - and some restrictions do apply, because we work with copyright owners and respect the law regarding copyright. And you also have access to over 12,000 hi-rez images in the Image Library. (use them to make menus for your DVD, or a cool custom T-shirt, for personal use). And this is NOT a peer to peer solution, all files are coming from our servers, so you know that the quality will be excellent!


Can I cancel at anytime?
Yes! Here's a page with all the details on how to cancel. How Do I Cancel?

Once I Join - do I pay extra for the Downloads?
No. Your membership fee gets you access to all the areas available at LikeTelevision, with no additional expense. JOIN NOW!

Will other people be getting these files from my computer?
No. All these files are served from our computers.

When I subscribe, is there still the ad interface on the strerams?
As a member, you can stream clips from LikeTelevision without the ad interface. You can full screen the streams too.


Is this Legal?
Yes. We work with the copyright owners to provide our content. We make every effort to fully comply with U.S. copyright laws, and we have a license from the rights holder to provide our media for streaming or download. If you are a non U.S user, some additional restrictions may apply. See the terms of use for the full details in any case. The terms of use pages can be found during the sign-up process. (click the annual or monthly premium payment links to view. You must accept the terms before we accept payment, i.e. you can view them before any payemnt is made).


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