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Branding with Video - Just LikeTelevision™, only better

Now you can use your video tv commercials in conjunction with online sales and marketing. The LikeTelevision™ ad sponsored interface provides a lead-in commercial (10-30s) and a 300x250 banner that displays next to the video content. The video clip and the banner image can contain clips to online sales or further information pages. Contact us to request more information on video advertising at LikeTelevision™.

What are the Advantages of Advertising at LikeTelevision™?

  • Integration with your company's current television branding campaign - branding quality.

  • Targeting specific demographic audiences for your product or service is possible on the Internet. Ask for our latest user demographic profile.

  • Video Commercials can be clickable, and deliver interested consumers directly to your online ordering system or further product information.

  • Your 300x250 banner continues to display while the consumer watches the video.

  • The potential customer can read about your product as the video requested continues to play uninterupted.

  • Online Video Advertising offers the greatest flexibility for creative advertising. The quality branding associated with television, combined with the ability to immediately purchase online, or receive more information. The best of both worlds is available now at LikeTelevision™.

LikeTelevision™ Rate Card

The LikeTelevision™ rate card is available upon request - LTi Rate Card Request.

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